About Us

Getvideo.io is a video downloader designed to make offline content consumption as easy as possible for our users

Nowadays, social media and video-sharing services are at their peak of popularity

Most of us already have multiple apps like that at our fingertips. They are where we spend a significant amount of time a day browsing and finding the latest viral dances, the newest songs from our favorite artists, and the hottest news around the world

While the demand for online video viewing is rapidly rising, there is always a healthy market for offline content consumption. There are times we just want to save the videos we just found to our phone so that we can access them later

They could be a podcast you wish to listen to while driving without an Internet connection or a funny video you want to share with your friend who doesn't use the service

Primarily designed for in-app viewing, most mobile apps are a pain in the neck when it comes to content downloading

They may require you to open the app to view saved videos or put a limit on the number or quality of allowed downloads. And when you're completely out of luck, there is no download functionality whatsoever

Getvideo.io is the solution you're looking for to overcome those inconveniences

Instead of jumping around between different applications and websites, we offer a single interface where you can grab those videos within seconds. We require no installation, login, or fee for using the service. All we ask for is the link to your video.

Getvideo.io takes privacy and security very seriously, resulting in a straightforward process with no shady practices involved. We always make great strides in improving our services by adding more support websites and features. If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to send it to us.